The collection of certain data is essential to the function of a smart home—its collection and use is what makes a home “smart.” For example, the collection of a device’s IP address or other identification number is required to allow those smart devices to communicate with each other in ways that add convenience to your life.

The secure storage and appropriate use of that collected data are of the utmost importance to BrightThings . We’re committed to strict and proactive standards for data privacy, because we believe trust must be earned. We respect your right to privacy and believe your data should be handled with integrity and confidence. This is why BrightThings continuously evaluates and adjusts our security and privacy practices to ensure your data is protected and used appropriately. See our full privacy policy here.

Data collected is used to provide core functions of a BrightThings system, troubleshoot with your system or account, send notifications and relevant technical communications, and to improve the functionality of our products. The information we collect is spelled out in our privacy policy.

BrightThings does not sell or rent your personal information to third-party companies. Some of your personal information may be shared with partners who assist us in selling, delivering, and installing products and services, for example:

Processing credit card payments
Shipping and delivering products
Fulfilling orders
Managing or hosting customer data
Assessing your satisfaction and interest in our products and services
These partners are obligated to adhere to the same principles and agreements defined in our privacy policy, and Control4 requires these partners to provide assurance of adequate data protection.

In order to deliver products and services around the world, we use a network of highly qualified, independent professionals to sell, install, and service your systems. The smart home professionals who work with Control4 are held to high standards and have strict requirements regarding certifications and experience in order to become an authorized BrightThings Dealer. At your request, BrightThings can help you locate authorized dealers near you and will share the information you provide with the candidates—then you choose which professional you want to work with.

At any time our customers have the right to:

Be provided with a copy of your personal information held by us.
Request the correction or deletion of your personal information held by us.
Request that your personal information be transferred to a third party.
Withdraw consent for the collection of personal data.
Our advisement, as well as information on how to make the above requests, can be found in our privacy policy.