Smart homes have made life easier in more ways than we can imagine. There’s so much you could have never thought of, which is now possible in a smart home.

Here are some ways in which automated homes have unexpectedly made our lives easier:

1. No more waiting
In a smart home you can set your water geyser to start right after your alarm goes off so you can enjoy a hot shower early in the morning.

You no longer need to wait for fifteen minutes for the water to heat up, instead the geyser will start heating water while you’re still snoozing your alarm.

2. Temperature in your hands
To make sure that no unoccupied room is being cooled unnecessarily while allowing your family to move about the house without worrying about turning air conditioners on or off, you can set up motion sensor triggered temperature controls.

A system like that would also help reduce energy consumption and be a much more cost effective alternative to traditional cooling or heating methods.

3. Security under your control
Security systems in smart homes have an interconnected system of cameras and motion sensors which provide an all-round effective surveillance system for the house.

Cameras ensure only people the system is familiar with come home, while motion sensors help detect any suspicious activity around the house.

There is a reason why we believe that smart home automation will become the new standard for safe, secure and smart living.

4. Puts you on an alert
In case the security systems finds anything that requires attention, it can alert authorities or send you notifications or sound an alarm in such circumstances. The system can also give you remote access to security footage etc.

5. Keeps an eye on the door
You can connect your locking system to your phone so you can check the door even after you’re in bed or when you are at work or away on a trip and need to make sure the doors are locked again.

You don’t need to drive back or get out of bed, a single tap can also help you lock the door if you do find it unlocked.

6. Breakfast before you’re up from bed
Appliances like your toaster or your coffee machine can also be automated and operated using voice commands in a smart house.

You’ll be able to control your entire house just by talking to it.

7. Monitor kids
When you’re worried about the kids being home alone, you don’t need to get anxious.

In a smart house you can easily monitor the kids from wherever you are.

Whether it is to make sure they are doing their homework or just to check they are safe, you can always keep an eye on children in an automated house.

8. Bedtime just got easier
Talking of children, it’s hard to put them to sleep at the same time every day.

In a smart house you can set the lights to become dimmer at the same time everyday so that the kids are always aware of when it is bedtime and don’t stay up too late.

9. Turn off the lights without moving from your bed
After a long night of reading a book or binge watching you favorite movies you don’t need to get up from bed to turn off the lights before falling asleep.

In an automated house you can just turn off the lights using your phone or voice and stay comfortable right where you are.

10. Get your laundry cleaned without getting out of bed
Many times we prepare for the next morning, the night before to save time, like putting the laundry in the washing machine at night so we can start it first thing in the morning, but still get rushed because we have endless other things to do in the morning.

You can start the washing machine from your phone while you’re still in bed if it’s connected to a smart home system.

11. Eat as soon as you’re home
After a long day at work on your way home, you can, set the oven to pre-heat before you arrive to make cooking dinner a lot less time consuming.

So that as soon as you reach home you don’t need to waste any more time once you’re back home waiting for the oven to pre-heat to make your meal and you’ll be able to enjoy it much sooner.

12. Voice and Video Assisted Technology
A lot of smart homes have a video and voice enabled doorbell that allow the owner to see who is at the door, and talk to them as well.

You’ll never be stuck in a conversation with a salesperson or be pestered by peddlers again.

13. Sleep without worry
Ever been scared to fall asleep in a room because you were worried you wouldn’t hear the doorbell ring?

A smart doorbell could be set up to ring on your phone, so you would be sure you never missed it, whether you fell asleep in the hall or comfortably on your own bed.

14. Turn switches on/off with your phone
Sometimes we realise after we’ve left home that we accidentally forgot to turn the lights or fans off, sometimes we forget to turn geysers or toasters off too.

This wouldn’t be a matter of concern in an automated house as you could easily turn anything on or off from absolutely anywhere with a tap on your phone.

15. Stream music without CDs
In a smart house one could connect a multi room sound system to any track they wanted to, without having to worry about CDs.

You can stream music throughout the house by connecting to you WiFi system and control the music from your phone.

16. Automated fish tanks and sprinklers
Having plants or fishes can be amazing but leaving them behind to go on a vacation can be hard because you need to call in favours to make sure they survive till you return.

Smart homes owners can get automated feeder fish tanks and automated sprinklers that would continue to care for the other living inhabitants of the house while they’re away.

Take the first step and get a feel of what a smart home could feel like.

Get in touch with our team of experts to know more about smart homes and how you can adapt to this smart living.

At Living Things, we believes that innovation begins at home and therefore we constantly improve our products and services so that we can provide you future proof smart home solutions.

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